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29 November 2017

Moore Updates - 29 November 2017

Some quick updates on the special Alabama Senate race:

- After Democrat Doug Jones rose above Moore in the RealClearPolitics average of polls late last week, the current RCP average puts Moore at a 2% lead.  That's still within the margin of error, but as I argued in a previous post, unless Jones is ahead by more than 3-5% in the polls, Moore is probably safe.

- Other polling shows Moore further ahead, including one that puts Moore up by 5 points over Jones.

- D.C. McAllister at The Federalist makes a strong case for why Christians are justified in voting for Moore, regardless of the veracity of the particular allegations brought against him.  It's a long read, but interesting, and good food for thought.  Read it here.

Unless there are some serious new allegations closer to election day on 12 December, Moore should win the race.  At this point, the intensity of the allegations have died down, and voters are back to considering the issues.  Conservative Alabamans are likely to support a flawed conservative who had some unusual sexual peccadilloes forty years ago over a ultra-progressive Democrat.

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