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23 November 2017

It's a Thanksgiving Miracle!

This past Saturday, I fell from a ladder while hanging Christmas lights at my girlfriend's home office. I shattered my left wrist--it's called a distal radius fracture--and gashed my left leg. My head was also hurt, but there was no damage to my brain.

The fall was about 10-12 feet onto concrete. It could have been much, much worse; I am very thankful it wasn't.

The doctor at the ER and the nurse practitioner both told me I would almost certainly need surgery due to the nature of my fracture. I saw the orthopedist Tuesday, and he was able to set the fracture to an "acceptable" state.

America's Favorite Food

Setting the fracture without surgery was a major answer to prayer. I go back on 5 December for a follow-up; if the setting takes, I'll get a flexi-cast. If not, I'll have to have surgery.

That's all to say that my posting will be typing for a time, as typing is rather tedious (I'm "typing" this post on my cell phone--the predictive text actually makes it faster). I'll continue to do my best to deliver quality content and thoughtful analysis, just in shorter and less frequent chunks.

I am very thankful to our Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ, for extending His Hand of protection and healing; He has already worked miracles during my recovery through the prayers of many friends and family (not to mention the capable hands of my excellent orthopedic surgeon). I'm grateful to be alive!

God Bless, and Happy Thanksgiving!


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